Friday, June 24, 2011

Travel ideas Namibia

Places of Interest in Namibia

Namibia has a lot of offer in terms of Travel and Safaris. Namibia also has such a great variety that it allows for many different travel experiences. The land is vast with an every changing landscape. It has many great national parks the most popular being Etosha National Park.

I have been very privileged to have travel Namibia very extensively on Self drives and on Guided tours. These are some of my favourite places to visit for these reasons. I would like to start in the South of the country.
Fish River Canyon is a real must on any trip. It is said to be the second largest canyon in the world. It is just spectacular in terms of size and view. There are some activities that are highly recommended. There are great hikes into the canyon for those who have time to spare. I have personally never done one but I have heard it is magic. In terms of accommodation you have Ai Ais which also offers visitors a hot spring experience.  This area is well worth visiting!

Sossuvlei the Red Dune arena is also something special. I mentioned this place to my Girlfriend trying very hard to make a desert sounds spectacular but she was not that excited until you arrived. You have camping and lodging 10mins from the entrance gates to the Dunes.  Lodging can be very expensive as there are very few actual lodges to choose from. Camping can be done very easily and it one of my favourite camps sites in Namibia. You must also look out for the Barking Geckos which sound like Cricket. The main attraction is Dune 45 which is you drive to very easily using a 2x4. I would also suggest visiting the dune as early as possible to have a chance of seeing the sunrise. It is well worth the early start.

Spitzkoppe is the best campsite that I have visited to date in Namibia. It rustic and well spaced and you really feel like you are in the bush. The camps sites are surrendered by boulders and the mountain itself. It is not an easy mountain to climb as it very rocky. If you decide to climb it then leave at least 4-5hrs to get up it and 2hr to get down.  There is not always hot water so make sure you get cleaned up before it gets dark and cold. This is very good stop over if you travel from North to South or vice versa.